Men who made mathematics

Men who made mathematics

Friday, June 17, 2016

Marriage of two Completely different ideas

It was alate afternoon and I was studying Differential Geometry of Manifolds. I was smoking a cigarette and just simply introspecting on what I had just learnt: Concept of charts and local neighborhoods on a manifold. A tiny idea started idea gradually germinated in my mind…an n-dimensional coordinate space and in communication we have n-dimensional signal space …can they be similar or rather can there be some kind of cross-germination…Next time I was on my computer, I did what everyone does….Google….a little bit search and I come across the name of a gentleman called Shunuchi Amari who has written few papers back in 1960s on geometric analysis of communication system… frantic search in the net but these papers are not available. Email to Prof. Amari and in 36 hours his assistant sends me a treasure trove….four papers going in the same direction as I had thought and An Idea was born…..

Today thats what is the subject of my Doctoral Research…it is somewhat uncharted territory but I have a lighthouse…a subject called Information Geometry…Prof Amari can be called the father of the subject which is a beacon in my journey….may be that will make me reach my destination. 

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