Men who made mathematics

Men who made mathematics

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CALCULUS by Spivak

Yesterday I have got this book. I read in a blog that this is one of the best books on Calculus. I scarcely believed the guy who wrote it. After all, there are so many excellent books on Calculus but on reading the book or rather browsing through it, I am amazed at the depth and at the same time the simplicity with which many issues have been written. Reading the book gives one a feel of reinventing Calculus, concepts of Limit, Continuity, differentiation etc. I read the chapter which the author said to be a digression and the chapter is on Keppler' Laws of planetary motion and their derivation from Newton's law of Gravitation. Apparently elementary stuff; taught at senior school level, but here the teatment is so intersting and unique.I wish we had acces to this book when we learnt Calculus and I wish the publishers will come up with an edition that can afforded by the students. More so because the problems and the examples provides an insight which I have not come across elsewhere.

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